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National Hmong American Farmers

Started in 2003, NHAF is a non-profit 501c3 organization whose mission is to preserve Hmong-American farm culture by promoting economic self-sufficiency for Hmong-American and other immigrant and ethnically underrepresented farmers. We provide services to independent farmers  throughout the country, with special focus on California’s Central Valley farmers, who may have limited access to government programs. We believe that the success of small farmers is a benefit to us all.

NHAF encourages maintaining a healthy planet through culturally and environmentally friendly farming.

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  1. Post by hmong75 December 20, 2003It has been almost 29 years that the Hmong people have living inAmerica. The majority of Hmong came with no English, no Skills, noEducation, and no Capital but they have been surprisingly assimilatedwell to their new home and the American culture.First Hmong sent their children to school, worked in the factories,learned to farm, and started to do business. The result has beenmagnificent and very encouraging even though first wave of everythingalways had difficulties and failures.In 1982, Fresno there were only one Grocery Store, a Used Car Sales,two Car Repairs, Lao Family Community Inc., few Financial Servicesoffices, and dozen Hmong farmers and in St. Paul, there had only aVideo Store on the now famous University Ave, two Oriental GroceryStores, and Lao Family Community Inc in downtown of St. Paul.Now St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fresno are the leading cities in terms ofthe Hmong population, businesses, and social and politicalorganizations. We have indeed successfully accomplished a big leap. Wehave to acknowledge and recognize that VP has contributed directly andindirectly to a lot of the Hmong success.

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