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NHAF is blazing new trails with their Farm to School program; selling locally grown Asian, Latino and American products to increase a healthier option for parents and students.


Community Garden   Community Garden   Community Garden

A parcel of land at the corner of Belmont and DeWitt avenues will soon yield more than just a bumper crop of fresh produce. Thanks to almost $5,000 in funding from the Building Healthy Neighborhoods Taskforce, the community garden also will address hunger and obesity that affect the health and wellness of the area’s underserved residents.

Student Tour

Student meeting   Framing tips   Students

Students from UCLA and UC Berkley visited NHAF to learn about the organization, agriculture, and the Hmong culture. After the meeting the students went on a tour of farms in Fresno and observed farming methods and the different corps that were being grown by Hmong farmers.


Sugar Cane Sales

Sugar Canes   Sugar Canes Loading   Sugar Canes Loaded

NHAF coordinated with six different sugar cane growers in Fresno and sold 40,000 lbs of Elephant and Green sugar canes to St. George Spirit in Alameda at .20 cents per lb. The sugar canes will be made into rum and this is the first time sugar canes have been sold to the open market.


First NHAF Conference

Conference   Conference   Conference

The first NHAF conference was a success and drew farmers and community leaders from Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Arkansas, and California. The conference focused on issues dealing with Hmong farmers throughout the US and helped to educate leaders of the 2007 farm bill. On the second day NHAF offered a tour for those interested. Thirty participated in the tour and visited three Hmong farms and Weibert Meat, the first Hmong owned slaughter facility.


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